Video Game Night and Whedon Verse Marathon

This weekend, UMass Quidditch held its first video game night of the semester on Friday followed by a Whedon Verse marathon on Saturday. During the Video Game night a number of people participated in Pokemon Stadium mini games,  which our very own President Graham Walsh manage to dominated during one of the rounds, as well as some Bomberman 64  and some Pokemon Battles, in which Norman Pan took complete charge and eliminated all of his opponents. Video game night also included some games of Catch a Phrase and battleship, not to mention 3 large pizzas. It was truly a very successful and enjoyable night in the basement of Thatcher.

During the Whedon Verse marathon, we got to watch a series of great series written by Joss Whedon, which included Firefly, Buffy and Angel. As each episode ended people were left with a large variety of feelings. Some episodes were very intense and left you hanging on every word,  while others had you saying “what the fuck?” for most of it, but no matter what show we were watching, it always left us wanting to see more. This was truly a night to remember and I personally cannot wait for what the Avenger’s build up day has to offer on the 22nd.

First Practice

Our first practice of the year will be this Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the grass field behind Totman gym. If you don’t know where that is meet in front of the Student Union at 4:40 pm and you will be ferried there. It is also good to remember to show up at least 15 minutes before practice in order to get ready. If you think that you won’t make it to the Student Union in time to be ferried look at the map bellow for the location:


See you all there!!!

Summer Updates!!!

We will be inducting our first member into the UMASS Quidditch Hall of Fame and Retiring a Jersey Number Permanently which will be revealed at the first practice. All New Quidditch Member Will Be Subjeted To A Tri Wizard Tournament! Feel free to message our President Graham Walsh via Facebook or shoot him an e-mail with any ideas. Also, hence forth, all members will be sorted into to houses with each house competing for the house cup! At the end of the semester the house with the most points will win fabulous prizes!

P.S.: We will announce here and on Facebook when we decide when our first practice will happen.

Mischief Managed

Changes to the Alumni Page

Hi Guys!

Today, I decided to make some changes to our Alumni page. Now you can select the graduation year of the alumni to find a list of the Alumni you want to see. I also updated the 2012 alumni class page to include our graduates from this year and changed the profile of those graduates to match the profiles of other alumni. Make sure to check it out!

-Marcelo Portugal                                                                                                                        Webmaster 2012-2013

Back to origins part 2!

Today, I was looking through some old pictures on Facebook again and found an album by our very own Alumni Chung Kim with pictures from our very first appearance ever at a Quidditch World Cup back in 2008 when the team had just started. So if you are interested in seeing more of our roots make sure to go check out our media page to see this new unearthed album!

Also, I recently created player profiles for four of our alumni, Alexander Lee Silber, Dave Francis, Kristina Moy and Matt Drake. Make sure to check those out as well.

-Marcelo Portugal                                                                                                                        Webmaster 2012-2013

Back to Origins!

Hey Guys,

Today, I was looking through Facebook and found some old pictures taken by Ariel Chu of our humble beginnings. So I added two more albums to our media page, one with pictures from World Cup III and one with pictures from a Pre-game party that we had before it. So make sure to go check it out!

-Marcelo Portugal                                                                                                                           Webmaster 2012-2013

New Albums!

Hey Guys,

Today, I added two new albums to our Media page, one with pictures from our Second Annual Lilly and James Potter Memorial Tournament and one with pictures of our game against Tufts for the Massachusetts Conference. Make sure to check them out!

-Marcelo Portugal                                                                                                                           Webmaster 2012-2013